5 Best Anime Upscaler With AI


Downloadable anime videos and images can have lower resolutions and may be blurry. With anime upscalers, you can quickly convert them from pixelated and unsightly to higher and desirable resolutions. However, using the best anime upscaler with AI for the best results is prudent. This article lists and discusses the best anime upscalers with AI integrations for the best and most desirable results.


1. Topaz Video Enhance AI


Topaz Video Enhance AI upscales videos and images, improving sharpness, clarity, and detailing. Its powerful and deep learning AI algorithms can identify areas of missing information and reconstruct them. Besides, the software can employ intelligent AI algorithms to improve anime video frame rates for fluid and smoother animations.

Enticingly, Topaz Video Enhance AI doesn’t only generally upscale images. It lets you customize your anime images by allowing you to fine-tune them to your preferences. That includes twitching the sharpness, noise reduction, and other essential details. The good thing is that this upscale allows batch processing to cut down on time.

2. AI Gigapixel

Primarily designed for images, this AI upscaler can still process videos. The software can be ideal for your anime videos and images, allowing you to improve their resolutions and qualities. It combines various AI algorithms that enable you to enhance their sharpness, clarity, and their overall visual quality.

It can also enlarge images by up to six times their original size while preserving every intricate detail. Its developers also equip it with noise reduction and artifact removal for cleaner and smoother results. Like Topaz Video Enhance AI, this AI anime upscaler can perform batch processing for more efficiency.

3. Let’s Enhance

This AI video and image enhancer solely operate online and presents an intelligent AI algorithm that can upscale your anime videos and images. Its user-friendly interface makes it simpler to navigate through, and its customizable enhancement options allow you to upscale and tailor your anime media to your liking.

The AI  upscale can enhance images by about four times their original size, improving the edges and details. Its minimal settings make it a more approachable tool that won’t complicate media processing and allows batch cloud-based processing.


SRMD (Super-Resolution with Iterative Back Projection) is an AI-based method for single-image super-resolution, which you can adapt for video upscaling. It aims to enhance the resolution and quality of images and videos by utilizing iterative back-projection techniques.

SRMD employs deep learning to upscale low-resolution images and videos, utilizing a neural network to learn the mapping from low to high resolution. It prioritizes preserving essential image features, allowing customization of parameters like iterations and patch sizes. Being open-source, SRMD facilitates experimentation and improvement by researchers and developers.

5. Waifu2x

Waifu2x is an AI-based upscaling algorithm initially developed for anime-style images but has also been adapted for video upscaling. This AI upscaler uses convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to enhance the resolution and quality. It does that while preserving the original art style and minimizing noise.

Waifu2x is particularly popular for its ability to upscale anime images, reducing pixelation and improving overall visual fidelity. It is available as an online tool and standalone software, offering various customization options and parameters to adjust the upscaling process according to user preferences.



Picking the right AI anime upscaler can give you more desirable enhancement results. However, while scouring the market, please consider these tools’ cost, speed, and efficiency. If possible, find upscalers that are easy to use and offer better quality and artifacts. With so many options in the market, you’re spoiled for choice.

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